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We are David & Barbara Gage.  


We have been designing jewelry since 1995. After being asked numerous times if we made the glass we


use in our designs, we began learning the techniques  and how different glass reacts to the flame and the


kiln to make our individual styles of jewelry. We took lessons from some of the best artists from Los


Angeles to Seattle. We immersed ourselves in glass beadmaking and fusing glass. We are still growing


and enjoy creating new and exciting designs. 

David's specialty is fusing glass and cold working glass which he then uses for his unique wire art in gold


and sterling silver jewelry designs. 


Barbara has stayed with the torch and kiln for 24 years and creates beautiful colorful beads as well


as silvered glass beads, all sold individually or in matching sets.

We travel the western part of the U.S. attending juried art shows where we sell our work and


connect with other artists about our travels and experiences creating unique glass jewelry art for all to



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